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Herbal Feeding Additives

Manufacturers of Natural Nutritional product, Herbals Feed Additives,Natural Amino Acids, Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, Prebiotics andHygeine care products for Poultry, Swine, Cattle, Aquaculture,Pets,Equine & Camels. We produce highly research basedHerbaceuticals from the World of Phytochemistry.The strong knowledge of Human health motivated key promoters tocontrol the food chain through natural resources. Human diet iscompletely connected to the Animals, if Milk, Eggs and Meat are filledwith chemical residues it straight effect the human health causingvarious risk such as oxidations, drug resistance etc. Its important tocontrol the diet to ensure that body remains toxin free at least withwhat we eat. Farm to fork we devoted to keep this chain healthy forAnimals and for the fellow human beings.The affection & care for the Pets, charm of the Horses & Camels alsoencourage us to offer the best possible natural resources for them.After all it’s the part of Nature and they too have the right to take anadvantage of natural substances.India is full of natural resources; we successfully replace varioustherapeutic ingredients, along with the natural treasure which have thesignificant ailments and healing effects. Several of our products are farefficacious then any chemical and Synthetic products.Further company extended its operations to study various nutritionalingredients, it was the great sincere efforts made to discover certainmolecules and process which accelerates the efficacy of variousingredients. Those advanced form of ingredients were started using inthe formulations which proved to give marvellous results in variousproducts.