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Quality Control

Quality Control

Amorvet is committed for providing purity with surety considering safety and efficacy as utmost concern, adhering to quality standards and regulatory requirements. To provide quality products that meet the demand of Animal Health Industry, we have defined and follow an international quality system. Product efficiency is always our priority, we are happy to have feedback from the customers who says Amorvet all products are up to “Brand Builders”. We are happy to discard the products which are not proved to be the up to the mark. We never offer the product which can cause any damage to our image and goodwill. Amorvet standing is with its top notch quality and we will maintain it forever. We can bear any loss but can’t bear any damage to our credibility. Our reputation is everything for us. We understand if you have a long Vision of a classic Reputation, income is bound to come. So when you deal with AMORVET be assured that you are in the perfect hands.

We have separate quality control department which is supervised by many approved expert staff. Our quality control laboratory checks and controls the quality and stability of raw materials as well as finished goods.

Our department of quality control is staffed with technicians responsible for the analytical testing of incoming raw materials and inspection of packaging components, including labeling. They conduct in-process testing where required, perform environmental monitoring and inspect operations for compliance, finally, they conduct the required tests on the finished dosage form. Our Quality Control is responsible as part of its testing and inspection functions, for monitoring the environmental conditions under which products are manufactured and/or held.
The technical team is assisted installation of most modern and sophisticated instruments like HPTLC,HPLC,GAS CHROMATOGRAPHY,SPECTROPHOTOMETRY etc.

The efficacy of various ingredients been tested inhouse and outer labs as required. Every ingredient used is strictly controlled to ensure that we produce the standard products with desired results.

Routine and random checks are scheduled on finished goods, each batch s to pass through terminal inspection to ensure confirmed checks.

Policy is clear, any rejection in our factory is just a rejection; if it’s in the market then it’s a disaster to our image and value much more then when it was in our premises.

Quality controls is the most important key to ensure what we produce and how we sell it.


The pharmacists, technicians & Chemists thus conduct their tests for the product safety, Organoleptic Test for Taste and Odor, Physico-chemical Properties such as pH, Specific Gravity, Total Dissolved Solids, Presence of Heavy Metals like Lead, Chromium and Arsenic should not be more than Permissible level, Microbiological Analysis for Total Bacterial count, Pathogenic Microorganisms like E. coli, Pseudomonas aeroginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Phytochemical Analysis for Total Bitters, Total Tannins, Total Flavonoids, Alkaloids, To maintain the Consistency TLC and HPLC Tests are done parallel to their parameter. Various toxicity tests are conducted to judge the safety by taking the trials on the rats and mice.


Our Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance

We always determine and follow that the product meets all the applicable specifications and that it is manufactured according to international standards and the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices).

SOP’s are designed for all level of production, regular BMR and BPR been followed to maintain the systematic production. Various check points are defined to make the regular and continuous checks during the production. All production is interrelated through requisite forms and followed symmetrically. The complete hierarchy of QA team is deputed from Raw Material Dispensing until the final dispatch of the goods. The complete parallel team of 30 members working with full alertness to ensure that nothing to pass by which can cause any bad image to the reputation of the company.
Working conditions are important to ensure good sterility, adequate working space, proper health, clothing & sanitation of workers,proper medical service, good sanitation in the manufacturing premises,precised equipments,clean raw materials,standardised manufacturing operations & controls.