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Vitamins & Minerals

AC-PLEX Liquid
Natural B-Complex with Vit.C. Improves feed conversion ratio, improves growth rate, prevents fat deposition in liver, and improves metabolism.
Dosage :1Liter /5000 Liters of Pond water
Presentation : 1 Litre plastic bottle. 5 Litre plastic Jar.

ex liquid supplement with l -Lysine, dl-Methionine and Choline Chloride for Aqua feeding. Helps fight stress, improves feed conversion ratio, improves weight gain and keeps the fishes free from diseases.
Dosage: 1Liter /5000 Liters of Pond water
Presentation: 1Liter Plastic jar 5 Litre Plastic Jar

SEL E POWDER Vitamin E supplement blended with Selenium especially for desired growth of aqua culture. Acts as an antioxidant gives proper shape and size to the fishes, restores vigor, strength and vitality to fight against diseases, augments immune system, and provides strength against stressors.

Dosage: Mix 150-250gm of TOXSTOP in each MT of feed
Presentation: 500 gms, 1Kg & 25 Kg

L-VIT LIQUID Vitamins combination containing Vit A, Vit D3, Vit B12, Vit E and folic acid in high strength. Acts as an antistress, improves strength to muscles, improves weight gain, reduces feed conversion ratio, boosts up immunity and increases overall performance.

Dosage: 500 ml in 1000 litre of drinking water
Presentation: 500ml, 1 Liter & 5 Liters