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Research & Development:-
AMORVET aims to offer herbal products which combine the best of Indian traditional scienceand researches with the quality that is now achievable using modern analytical and biologicalmethods. The Herbal Research unit focuses on developing standardized, clinically proven and safe herbal products for therapeutic and supplemental use.AMORVET has dedicated scientists with expertise in botany, pharmacognosy, phytochemistry,analytics and pharmacology, as well as consultants having a long association with the herbalindustry in terms of pharmacology, pharmacognocy, botany & Zoology. The experience innatural products research and the use of modern analytical instruments and spectroscopic toolswill ensure that products are standardized with reference to markers or standard activemolecules. Procuring authentic plant material, pharmacological evaluation in laboratory models,formulation development and modern clinical trials is be an integral part of the herbal productdevelopment activities.A team of Scientists, Nutritionists and Experts at our R&D Center review related studies andshortlist suitable ingredients for further research. AMORVET’s phytochemistry team studies thegeographical and seasonal variations of the marker profiles of these sourced ingredients.Phytochemical profiling is established from different seasons and geographical locations toensure batch-to-batch consistency, good quality, and standardization. The quality of product isfurther maintained either by cultivating ingredients under supervision and by practicingsustainable collection and practices. Ingredients have to further pass through stringent qualitychecks as per specifications and requirements laid out by our scientists and R&D team.At AMORVET, our scientists are conducting exciting research in the fields of animal health,metabolic related disorders, immunology and inflammatory conditions, etc. The team hasadvanced capabilities to discover and develop a wide range of products, following globalstandards of quality, safety and efficacy.